SheKnows Publisher Network Member Guide

Welcome to the SheKnows Media family! Since 2006 the SheKnows Publisher Network, formerly the BlogHer Publishing Network, has delivered high-quality revenue opportunities generated by display advertising, sponsored content, social media campaigns, video opportunities, and more. We're delighted you're here!

This Member Guide covers our network policies and benefits. If you have questions or just want to connect with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

When you sign our contract, your content remains your content, and your blog remains your blog.

As your partner, we will:

  • Deliver display advertising via Boomerang, our exclusive ad wrapper, which is super fast, fully asynchronous, and set up to deliver top inventory from over a dozen of the best programmatic exchanges as well as our high-CPM direct-sold campaigns.
  • Provide you with final approval of ad placement. We may request changes to meet viewability performance or advertiser expectations. 
  • Pass along 75% of the gross revenue from all open-marketplace programmatic campaigns, and 50% of the gross revenue from all direct-sold and private marketplace campaigns.
  • Set up native (in-content) ads for your site. Native ads travel from desktop to tablet to mobile and adapt accordingly.
  • Help you optimize for mobile. We can help publishers on any platform with ad optimization.
  • Work with you to improve your viewability ratings.
  • Provide revenue reports in your Momentum profile on Reports are generally complete 35 days after the close of the month, and it’s important to note that real-time data is underreported.
  • Send your ad revenue 60 days after the close of the month in which it was earned, as long as the balance is $20 or more. If it isn't, we will roll it forward until it reaches $20. For example, your January revenue is paid at the end of March. We send U.S. residents a 1099 if payments total $600 or more during a calendar year. U.S.-based publishers (or those with banks in the U.S.) are paid via ACH (direct deposit). All members outside of the United States are paid by PayPal.
  • Allow you to opt in to be considered for sponsored content and programs. We select bloggers based on sponsor criteria and each program's goals. We cannot guarantee that every interested blogger will be matched with a sponsored program. Bloggers outside the USA may not be eligible for the majority of traditional review programs, due to shipping times, product availability, and legal issues.
  • Periodically survey your readers in order in to represent your audience accurately and sell ads for that audience successfully. We'll keep those surveys brief. We own any research data we compile while you are a member of the SheKnows Publisher Network/BlogHer Publishing Network at SheKnows Media.

As our partner, you will:

  • Display SKM ad units as specified in the contract. On desktop, this includes a ‘main’ ad unit which displays SKM branding, along with a native ad unit. Mobile needs to have at least two placements as well. You’ll likely want additional ad units, and we have several to choose from. We will provide you with additional information when you’re ready to select and install your ad units.
  • Install the ad tags exactly as provided. They cannot be passed through third-party or other ad serving code.
  • Assign your traffic to us in comScore (we’ll let you know when and how). Your traffic is still your own, and your own analytics tracker will capture all your data, this just allows us to represent you across the digital marketplace.
  • Follow our Editorial Guidelines, and understand that we may update them from time to time. We'll always let you know directly if we make changes.
  • Maintain your high standard of content, and keep your content fresh by publishing on a regular schedule, preferably at least twice a week.
  • Allow us to promote your blog through sites owned by SheKnows Media, through our social media channels and in our newsletters.
  • Refrain from re-publishing a significant quantity of your posts on any other blog, or creating a duplicate of your site. Our advertisers want to sponsor your excellent original content. : )
  • Clearly label and disclose editorial content that has been commissioned and paid for by a third party, and/or contains paid advertising links. Please review the FTC disclosure guide. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about this policy!
  • Pay your own taxes on the income you receive from us. (We’ll provide a 1099 to sites who are paid $600 or more in a calendar year.)
  • Refrain from installing ad tags from other networks. Non-SKM ads are not compatible with the updated contract introduced in August of 2016. If you have a question about affiliate links, or other sorts of non-network ads, please let us know. Members with a non-exclusive contract from July 2016 or earlier may install ads from some other providers, so long as those providers aren’t asking for exclusivity and/or a comScore Traffic Assignment Letter. Please contact us to verify if you may use ads from other sources anywhere on the site, as there may be contract conflicts or technical challenges that could affect your revenue.
  • Let us know ASAP if something is broken and we'll get right on it. If we ask you to fix something, please do your best to fix it as soon as possible.

Lastly, this is a six month contract, and begins on the day you agree to it. It will automatically renew for an additional term every six months. If you do not wish to renew, you must send written notice within the first four months of the contract (at least 60 days prior to your automatic renewal date). Contracts signed before July of 2016 have a one year term, with the same auto-renewal process. Please contact us for more details if you have a question about an older contract.

Questions? Contact us at!