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May 26, 2016

Infographics: What’s on the Mind of #ModernMoms

Over the past year, SheKnows Media has surveyed the moms in our community to find out what is keeping them up at night (besides sick kids, binge-watching TV, and their side hustle).

These moms told us they have new concerns about technology, social media, and the Internet — but moms have some old-school concerns, too.

Technology: A Necessary Evil?

You’ll see from our infographic below that moms care deeply about their kids and technology. Most interesting to me was that moms aren’t just concerned about kids being exposed to inappropriate content online; they are also concerned about their kids exposing inappropriate content about themselves online! Moms don't just care about their kids being bullied; they’re concerned about their kids being bullies.

That said — and perhaps counter to conventional wisdom —today’s moms don’t see themselves as "helicopter" parents.  They’re giving their kids the same kind of freedoms they grew up with, with the added freedom of accessing the world via smartphone (with half of moms giving their kids a cell phone by age 12).

Breadwinning and Purchase Decision-Making

Nearly half our moms are either primary or equal breadwinners for their families. That’s reflective of a broader national trend, where women are more and more the heads of households. But check out our graphics on purchasing decision-making. When a mom is the primary breadwinner, she is making solo decisions in every vertical, from food to financial investments. Once she reports sharing breadwinning as an equal, she still owns some solo decision-making  — but only for a few categories. I describe them as the categories of what goes on and in her family’s bodies: clothing, groceries, etc.

Worries in the Workplace

One thing we learned is that all women — moms or not, and across every generation —worry about not getting paid equal pay for equal work. Across every one of those categories (moms, non-moms, millennials, GenXers, and Boomers), equal pay was one of the top three concerns.

There are differences between the generations, though. Millennial moms also worry about how having kids will impact their career prospects. They worry about not being taken seriously if they stay home. They worry about having trouble integrating back into the workforce after having kids. GenX Moms, on the other hand, are much more concerned about advancement. Are they being overlooked? Is their career stalling out? Finally, Boomer moms worry about their reputation, and specifically how company leadership views them.

This natural progression of worries speaks to #TheFemaleTax we uncovered as part of our #TheFWord study on feminism. Women report experiencing microaggressions in the workplace to a shocking degree, and the female tax explains how women as a group fall behind with pay and position as their careers go on.

Who’s Happy? #TheSixPercent.

Finally, a fascinating little tidbit we uncovered: Very few women will admit that they love their partner more than their kids, but the six percent of moms who do? They report high levels of satisfaction in a number of areas. We’re talking more sex, partners who help more around the house and with the kids, and better relationships with their friends. Made me wonder: Who do I know in #TheSixPercent?

Check out all the data in the infographic. Do you share the concerns of our survey respondents?  Let us know where you’re the same, and even more so…where you’re different!

~Elisa Camahort Page, Chief Community Officer, SheKnows Media

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