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Oct 11, 2015

SheKnows Media Launches New Strategic Community-Building Initiative on Eve of #BlogHerFood15 Conference in Chicago, Nov. 6-7


BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort Page Is Promoted To Chief Community Officer Role to Lead the Effort

NEW YORK, NY – Oct. 12, 2015 – SheKnows Media, a leading women's media company with over 84 million unique visitors a month1 and 246 million social media fans and followers2, today announced that it has launched a strategic community-building initiative to bring key corporate tent poles, including Hatch, #Femvertising and The Pitch, to its vast and growing community of content creators, online influencers and entrepreneurial strivers. 

To lead the effort, BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort Page is being promoted to Chief Community Officer. She will focus on corporate social media strategy, a growing event schedule and a research and insights department, as well as leading the BlogHer conference series, the world’s largest for women in social media.

Camahort Page’s transition into the Chief Community Officer role is effective immediately. She will report to Samantha Skey, SheKnows Media’s Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer and she will also join the company’s Executive Committee, which reports into SheKnows Media Chief Executive Officer Philippe Guelton

“As we shift the scope of Chief Community Officer to focus on ways we can further engage our vast and loyal audience, Elisa’s dedication to advocacy on behalf of our community members makes her the perfect fit for the role,” said Philippe Guelton, Chief Executive Officer, SheKnows Media. “I am also excited to announce this promotion on the eve of the #BlogHerFood15 conference in Chicago, taking place Nov. 6-7, which promises again to be extremely successful thanks to Elisa’s leadership.” 
Elisa Camahort Page, Chief Community Officer, SheKnows Media, said, “My goal in this role is to evangelize our diverse community of creators and influencers. By focusing our team on a strategic approach to social, events, research and partnerships, I will bring the inspiring work we do – from Hatch, our digital storytelling and media literacy program for kids; to Femvertising, our rallying cry to encourage brands to do the right thing by women and girls through pro-female advertising – even closer to our community.”

“Over the last year, SheKnows Media has grown an unprecedented 50 percent and is unmatched when it comes to reaching women3,” said SheKnows Media’s Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Samantha Skey. “Today, we are focused on adding top talent to our ranks and refining roles within the business to ensure we continue on this trajectory. Elisa brings the leadership and expertise we need to evangelize and activate our user community, which is core to our mission of women inspiring women.”

The SheKnows Chief Community Officer position was pioneered by Lisa Stone, BlogHer Co-Founder and CEO, who spearheaded SheKnows Media’s acquisition of the leading platform for women in November 2014 and subsequent integration activities. Stone will assume the role of BlogHer Emeritus through December 2015, serving SheKnows Media as an advisor. 

“I’m so proud of this team,” said Lisa Stone, BlogHer Emeritus and Co-Founder, who posted about the experience on BlogHer.com. “After more than a decade of creating and building the BlogHer brand and community, and leading efforts to integrate our business with SheKnows Media, I am looking forward to supporting the leadership of Philippe, Elisa, Samantha and the rest of the team. I can’t wait to watch SheKnows Media continue to lead the women’s digital media space.”

“Lisa Stone has been an invaluable executive for the business over the past year, and we are immensely grateful for her contribution in bringing BlogHer and SheKnows Media seamlessly together,” Guelton added. “We look forward to working with her as an advisor through this transition.”

For more information about SheKnows Media, visit corporate.sheknows.com

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About SheKnows Media

SheKnows Media is a leading women’s media company with over 84 million unique visitors per month (comScore, Media Metrix, Multiplatform Lifestyles Category Ranking Report, August 2015, U.S.) and 246 million social media fans and followers. With it’s leading-edge community, content and analytics platform Momentum, the company offers over 20 thousand influencers the chance to pursue their passions, be mentored, work with top brands, and tap into a huge audience that wants to discover their expertise. SheKnows Media also operates a family of leading media properties that include SheKnows.com, BlogHer.com, Stylecaster.com and DailyMakeover.com. With a mission of women inspiring women, SheKnows Media is revolutionizing the publishing industry by forging a new kind of model that seamlessly integrates users, editors and content creators onto a single platform designed to empower all women to discover, share and create. Whether it’s parenting or pop culture, fashion or food, DIY or décor, our award-winning editorial team, Experts, bloggers and social media influencers produce authentic and on-trend content every day. We dig deep to learn what makes our audience tick, revealing unexpected insights on women and digital media. Our robust, end-to-end suite of premium branded content and influencer marketing solutions generate more than 2 billion ad impressions per month (sources: DFP and OAS), allowing brands to distribute authentic content and integrated advertising at scale. 

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