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Oct 06, 2015

SheKnows Media Launches The F Word to Explore What it Means to be a Feminist Today

New Multifaceted Content Series Kicks Off With a New Hatch Video, Showing Tween Girls’ Year-Over-Year Reactions to the Concept of Feminism

The F Word to Introduce a Short-Form Video Contest Open to the Public, Culminating in a Special Screening in New York City in February 2016

Landmark Research on Feminism to be Released in 2016

NEW YORK, NY – October 7, 2015 – SheKnows Media, a leading women's media company with nearly 79 million unique visitors a month* and 246 million social media fans and followers, today announced that it is has launched a new, multifaceted content series called The F Word: Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word

The F Word explores the recent up-swell in interest and conversation around what it means to be a feminist today. Committed to its mission of women inspiring women, SheKnows Media initiated this new content series in response to the social discussions among its vast, predominantly female audience and contributors. SheKnows Media is also behind the #Femvertising movement, encouraging marketers to employ pro-female messaging and images in their ads in a dual effort to increase brand awareness and sales, while doing the right thing by women and girls. 

“As a women’s media company, we have a responsibility to explore language, particularly as it concerns gender identity,” said Samantha Skey, Chief Marketing Officer, SheKnows Media. “The concept of feminism continues to morph along with societal norms. We see wide disparities in views of feminism among demographic and psychographic groups. The word itself creates tension, which is fascinating to us. We are eager to explore our community's perceptions of the language of feminism.”
The F Word project kicks off with a new video featuring tween girls who belong to Hatch, SheKnows Media’s mission-based, innovative digital storytelling and media literacy program for kids. 

To illustrate how the confidence gap girls experience in their tween years can be positively impacted through gender identity discussions, the video compares footage from 2014 to 2015. It shows the girls’ transformation from not knowing what a feminist is to embracing the concept and self-identifying as one. This marks the beginning of the qualitative and quantitative research that the company will release on the topic of feminism. View the Hatch video here.

In November, SheKnows Media will roll out the next phase of The F Word series with a short-form video contest. Both women and men will be prompted to create and submit videos where they define what it is to be a feminist. 

“With so many amazing creators out there and our audience reach, we want to give a huge platform for an engaging and enlightening conversation about that most controversial of ‘F’ words. The submissions can be humorous, they can be serious and everything in between. And of course, they should be imminently shareable,” said Lea Ann Leming, Chief Content Officer, SheKnows Media

The contest will culminate in a special screening in New York City in February, when SheKnows Media will also open a call for nominations for its second annual #Femvertising Awards. The awards program honors brands that challenge gender stereotypes by building awareness-generating, pro-female messages and images into ads that target women and girls. View last year’s winners here

For more information about The F Word, please contact Marketing@SheKnows.com. To learn more about SheKnows Media, visit corporate.sheknows.com

*comScore, Media Metrix, Multiplatform Lifestyles Category Ranking Report, June 2015, U.S.


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SheKnows Media is a leading women’s media company with nearly 79 million unique visitors per month (comScore, Media Metrix, Multiplatform Lifestyles Category Ranking Report, June 2015, U.S.) and 246 million social media fans and followers. The company operates a family of leading media properties that include SheKnows.com, BlogHer.com, StyleCaster.com, DailyMakeover.com, and DrinksMixer.com. With a mission of women inspiring women, SheKnows Media is revolutionizing the publishing industry by forging a new kind of model that seamlessly integrates users, editors and content creators onto a single platform designed to empower all women to discover, share and create. Whether it’s parenting or pop culture, fashion or food, DIY or décor, our award-winning editorial team, Experts, bloggers and social media influencers produce authentic and on-trend content every day. We dig deep to learn what makes our audience tick, revealing unexpected insights on women and digital media. Our robust, end-to-end suite of premium branded content and influencer marketing solutions generate more than 2 billion ad impressions per month (sources: DFP and OAS), allowing brands to distribute authentic content and integrated advertising at scale. 

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