November 14 - The Point 25 Initiative

Advisors Meet Entrepreneurs - panelist Samantha Skey

October 11 - Progress Connect

Content Media Disruptors - panelist Samantha Skey

October 9 - The Folio: C-Summit

Operations, Acquisitions, and Talent Retention - Q&A with Samantha Skey

September 27 - OMMA at Advertising Week

Activating on People-Based Targeting: Where's the Media? - panelist Manny Balbin

September 27 - OMMA at Advertising Week

How to Evaluate Influencer Campaigns - panelist Samantha Skey

September 21 - Programmatic Insights 2017

The Programmatic Ecosystem - panelist Manny Balbin

June 5 - MediaPost Publishing Insider Summit

Surviving the Duopoly - panelist Samantha Skey

June 5 - Admonsters Ops Conference

Team Header Bidding vs. Team Server-to-Server - panelist Manny Balbin

May 10 - NewsCred #ThinkContent

Bring Your Brand To Life Through Compelling Content - panelist Naama Bloom

April 21 - Women in Innovation Forum NY

Need a Job? Invent It! - panelist Samantha Skey

March 22 - Digiday Publishing Summit

Making Video Profitable and Profound - presenter Samantha Skey

March 20 - Digiday Moguls

Publishing Challenges: Group Discussion - moderator Samantha Skey

March 20 - Advertising Research Foundation Conference

Disrupt Your World: This is Not Your Father's Advertorial - panelist Susan Getgood

March 14 - SXSW

Badass Buying Power - panelist Samantha Skey

March 3 - Parenting Media Association

Parenting Can Be a "Radical" Act - keynote Alice Bradley

February 25 - NYC Sister Accord Leadership Conference

Keynote presenter Samantha Skey

February 15 - min Video Master Class

Using the Visual Format to Drive Brand Messaging - presenter Naama Bloom


November 3 - ad:tech NYC 2016

A Session with SheKnows Media: Branded Content and Native Advertising, The Miracle Mix - Presenters Elisa Camahort Page, Naama Bloom and Reshma Gopaldas

November 2 - Folio Show 2016

How to Create Meaningful Awards & Recognition to Drive Social Impact: #Femvertising Awards - Presenter Samantha Skey

October 14 - She Runs It (formerly AWNY)

Supporting Women in Leadership Roles in Advertising - Panelist Samantha Skey

September 21 - Digiday Publishing Summit, Fall 2016

The Meaning of Measurement - Speaker Sandra Baez

July 14 - Digital Publishing Innovation Summit

How Publishers Can Automate Influencer Marketing - Presenter Philippe Guelton

June 15 - PluggedIn

Roundtable Discussion: Video Ad Spending - Speaker Samantha Skey

June 11 - The Other Festival

Your Style: Your Personal Brand - Speaker Jessica Teves

June 6 - IAB Ad Blocking & User Experience Summit

The Need for Speed: An exploration of ad optimization speed - Speaker Michael Bendell

May 24 - Allergan Marketing Summit 2016

Advertising That Inspires and Empowers Women - Presenter Naama Bloom

May 23 - ENGAGE: The NYC Digital Storytelling Conference 2016

Make It Count: Branded Content for the Connected Age - Panelist Samantha Skey

How to Build a Loyal Audience Online - Panelist Philippe Guelton

May 12 - IMAG Annual Conference 2016

Communities Who Love Their Brands - Presenter Philippe Guelton

May 1 - Adweek Digital NewFronts Rountable

Creating Content for the Scrolling Economy: How to Get Consumer's Attention - Panelist Samantha Skey

April 21 - Marketing2Women

#Femvertising on the Rise - Presenter Samantha Skey

#TheFWord: Female Founders on Feminism, Finances and Focus - Moderator Elisa Camahort Page; Presenters and #The Pitch participants Majora Carter of Majora Carter Group and Tanya Van Court of SOW

April 20 - Retail Ascendant Network Summit

The Career Path of a Leading Marketing Executive - Interviewer Samantha Skey

April 14 - Polar Academy Workshops

Better Native: Strengthening Placements, Formats and Inventory - Panelist Sandra Baez

March 31 - Digiday Publishing Summit, Spring 2016

Lifestyle Videos for Women on All Platforms - Presented by Jennifer Glen

March 28 - STORY

Panel Discussion: Feminism and Politics with SheKnows Media - Moderator Elisa Camahort Page

March 24 - Quit Your Day Job

Entrpreneurial Inspiration & Advice From the Cast of NBC's "Quit Your Day Job" - Moderated by Samantha Skey

March 13 - SXSW 2016 CMO Club

Dancing on the Ceiling: Women in Media and Marketing Mentoring - Moderated by Samantha Skey

March 12 - SXSW 2016 

The Economics of Online Harassment - Panelist Elisa Camahort Page 

March 11 - Women in Strategy Summit

Of Strategy & Choices: Women, Decision-Making, and Defining Success - Panelist Samantha Skey

March 8 - Zenith Media POW! Breakfast

Working to Form a More Perfect Union - Presenter Elisa Camahort Page

January 8 - Google Programmatic Summit

Automating Influence: Targeting Female Audiences, Bidding on Influencers and Automating Customer Content - Moderator Samantha Skey