Gesche Haas

Founder, Dreamers// Doers

Gesche Haas is a serial entrepreneur and speaker/writer, highly committed to creating social change and re-defining realities. Gesche founded Trailblazer Ventures, a startup studio/lab, that incubates companies in-house with the mission of increasing the number of successful ventures launched by women. The lab’s first product, Dreamers // Doers, is a global high-impact community of entrepreneurial, trailblazing women. Gesche’s views have been featured on Bloomberg TV, CNNMoney, Business Insider, Forbes, Fortune, The New York Times, and many other major media outlets, as well as through the United Nations where she spoke on the status of women. Gesche was awarded “2016 Empowered Woman of the Year” by WWD/Variety/Ciroc.