Joanna Bloor

Joanna Bloor

Co-Founder, The Amplify Lab

With nearly two decades of experience in digital, print, broadcast radio and broadcast television, Joanna Bloor is a veteran of the media space. Her experience encompasses Sales, Sales Management, Operations and Advertising technology. Joanna has worked with both start-ups and established organizations within the technology, online media, restaurant and retail sectors. 

As co-founder, Joanna currently leads The Amplify Lab, an accelerator for people. The Amplify Lab believes that people who have the potential for real impact but frequently have obstacles getting in their way. This potential, given the right ingredients to evolve and grow, can have remarkable results. Using both an amazing team and technology, The Amplify Lab provides the roadmaps to success along with the tools to make it happen.  

Most recently Joanna lead Revenue Operations for Pandora Radio. As Vice President, she provided direction and guidance to develop and deploy the vision and operational strategy the sales organization. She scaled the operational support needs to grow revenues from $100M to nearly $1B annually in less than four years. Joanna’s experience also includes sales, operations and strategy at CBS Interactive, CNET Networks,, Classified Ventures, and Interactive Corp / Ticketmaster – Citysearch.

Joanna is a member of Hipower, a select group of women corporate leaders focused on accelerating member’s leadership roles from professional success to wide-ranging significance.  Hipower is organized under Leading Women in Technology dedicated to unleashing the potential of professionals who advise technology businesses and executives.

Joanna considers herself a late-in-life athlete by going from couch potato to marathon running in her thirties.