Juile Busha

CEO, Nicole Foods (Slawsa Brand)

After a decade-long career marketing in NASCAR where she served Fortune 500 clients and built the sports marketing agency for a Champion driver, Julie Busha did the unthinkable by leaving the industry she loved. Julie bootstrapped and launched the innovative relish called Slawsa in the highly competitive mainstream grocery industry and earned placement in over 8,000 stores, restaurants and stadiums in the U.S. and Canada. Julie was honored with Progressive Grocer’s prestigious “Top Women in Groceryā€¯ nod. Julie was the first in her family to graduate from college, where she graduated Academic All-American & Order of Omega with three departmental honors. Her biggest passion is paying it forward to fellow entrepreneurs by writing business articles, through mentorship and serving as an administrator of an entrepreneurial group over 18,000 strong. Julie is a champion of small businesses and an inspiration to anyone who, like her, has ever had a dream.